Be Sure to Replace Your Cabin & Engine Air Filters

Inside the cabin and the engine of your vehicle are a number of air filters that work to keep dirt and debris from affecting the quality of your ride.

The passenger cabin air filters will keep the inside air free of things like allergens and mold spores. If these filters are not cleaned, the inside air suffers and you'll be dealing with dust particles and other particulates. Clean filters mean the inside air quality is improved.

The engine air filters must keep things like dirt and dust from traveling into the engine where they can affect the power of the vehicle. When these filters are not changed frequently, then clean air is choked off from getting to the engine and will drastically reduce acceleration and overall power of the car's engine.

Come by our service center at Lithia Kia of Anchorage for an engine tune-up and our team will be certain to replace all those air filters.

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