Do a Quick Clean-Up of Your Vehicle

You can do this right now. It will only take 10 minutes. If you've been shy about letting people in your car or haven't cleaned in it awhile, you can take just a little bit of time today to ensure that you make your car look good as new again in just a few minutes. One way to do this is to gather all the debris and trash from your vehicle with a trash bag. Then, you can take a squeegee brush and go over the windshield.

With a microfiber cloth and vehicle cleaner or leather cleaner, go over the inside of your car until it shines. These steps will make your car look pretty great on the inside and a tad better on the outside, but you should go through an automated car wash to get your exterior and tires cleaned as well.

Ask about all of the detailing and car wash options at Lithia Kia of Anchorage located in Anchorage, AK.

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