The Importance of Winter Wiper Blades

We know that you are familiar with Anchorage's unique winter conditions, and we want to help you make sure your vehicle has everything it may need for cold-weather driving conditions. You probably know about winter tires, and Lithia Kia of Anchorage may have even installed them for you. But do you have the right wiper blades on your car this season?

Much of the year, you can run an aerodynamic, light wiper blade on your car, truck or SUV. These wipers do a fine job fighting rain. For winter visibility, you need more substantial wiper blades.

Proper winter wiper blades feature a durable, rubber cover over the entire blade. Summer blades feature a framework you can see. This cover hides and protects that framework on winter blades. To help with lifting snow and slush from your windshield, winter wiper blades feature metal reinforcement behind each blade's edge. This aspect also helps reduce streaks.

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