Unless you've ever been caught in a snowstorm with substandard or malfunctioning wiper blades, you probably don't give these seemingly minor components much thought. However, one of the surest ways for Anchorage, AK drivers to stay safe on the roads during the coldest months of the year is by investing in winter wiper blades. These stronger and more durable blades have a better ability to remove build-ups of heavy ice and snow. Thus, when winter throws its worst your way, you'll still have a clear view. At Lithia Kia of Anchorage, we want local drivers to know all about the many impressive attributes that these blades possess.

Winter wiper blades are built with a reliable, anti-clogging armor. This armor keeps moisture and ice from entering the wiper elements so that they can reliably flex and bend as needed. Whether snowfall is heavy or outside temperatures are extremely low, they'll leave your windshield clean and absolutely streak-free.

These blades are largely comprised of a durable and very robust synthetic rubber. This rubber is more resistant to freezing temperatures than the rubber that's used for summer blades. Additions such as Teflon and silicone keep them from becoming too rigid to function right when you need them the most.

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