As an Anchorage, AK driver, what does the Kia Sportage have to offer you? If safety is your top priority when commuting, then this vehicle's Downhill Brake Control, or its DBC, will certainly be appealing to you. When you are traveling down hills or driving on icy, slippery ground, this feature can help the Kia Sportage to move at a constant speed by individually applying its brakes.

Another available safety feature that Lithia Kia of Anchorage thinks will be useful to local drivers is the High Beam Assist. Also called the HBA, this tool can dim the Kia Sportage's high beams instantly whenever an oncoming car is detected. Once that car has passed, the HBA will turn the high-beam setting back on.

If you are looking for storage, then the Kia Sportage has you covered in that area as well with 60/40 split-folding seats in its rear. You can also equip your Kia Sportage with a Smart Power Liftgate for hands-free cargo access.

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