Types of Winter Tires

At Lithia Kia of Anchorage, we want to help Anchorage, AK drivers stay safe when they're behind the wheel this winter. You may be thinking about investing in winter tires. There are numerous winter tires to choose from, and knowing which one is most suitable for your vehicle enhances safety.

Studded snow and ice tires have metal studs in the tread. The metal studs are strong and made to dig into ice for exceptional traction. However, if you use these tires on an area without ice, then it will damage the road. Many states limit their use, and there are some states that have banned them completely.

Studless tires are as effective as studdable tires. Studless winter tires can maintain their capability in freezing temperatures, and the deep tread depths allow the tire to effectively disperse snow and ice from under the vehicle. You can also get performance winter tires that are made to handle snow and ice but are also able to take on higher speeds than other types of winter tires.

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