What is Car Wax and How Often Does It Need to Be Applied

Part of our mission at Lithia Kia of Anchorage in Anchorage, AK is to help readers become informed vehicle owners and understand how to care for their cars. An important component of vehicle maintenance is waxing your car. Wax should be applied three times a year

Car wax consists of solvents, oils, and wax obtained from some sort of material. The wax used in car wax can come from either natural or synthetic sources. Natural sources of wax include carnauba (a plant), palm leaves and coal. A synthetic source of wax is silicone. When you apply car wax, you're giving your car a protective layer. It protects your car from dirt, water and other things that can damage the paint, dull the paint or make your car look unsightly.

Driving a car that looks good helps you feel good. Keep your car in great condition by waxing it three times a year. You'll find that your car doesn't collect dirt as fast when it has a protective layer of quality car wax.

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