You May Have a Bad Starter

There are times when you try to start your vehicle, and nothing happens. At first, you might think that this is due to a dead battery. However, you may have a starter that has gone bad or is starting to go bad. Lithia Kia of Anchorage in Anchorage, AK wants you to know that there are some signs that will warn you of starter problems.

One of the main signs of a starter that is going bad is a grinding noise when you start your vehicle. This grinding sign is very noticeable. It sounds similar to the sound that you hear when you try to start your vehicle when the engine is already running.

Freewheeling is another sign that you will need to get a new starter. Freewheeling occurs when the starter is not connecting with the flywheel. You will hear a whirring or whining sound before the vehicle starts. Sometimes, the vehicle will not be able to start.

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