How to Restore Your Headlights with Insect Repellent

Keeping your headlights clean is important for seeing the road clearly. During good road conditions, you may not notice how dirty they are. But when it becomes foggy or it snows, you'll notice your struggle to see the road. At Lithia Kia of Anchorage in Anchorage, AK, we care about helping our readers stay safe on the road. One way you can restore your headlights is with insect repellent.

You'll need insect repellent that has DEET in it, so check the label for this ingredient. Many mosquito repellents have DEET as an ingredient. Spray the insect repellent on a rag and then scrub your headlights while being careful to avoid the surrounding paint. DEET will cause paint to deteriorate, which is why you don't directly spray it onto your headlights. It takes about 5–10 minutes of scrubbing to get your headlights clean. For extremely clouded headlights, it may take longer to restore them.

Restoring your headlights is simple to do from home with insect repellent — a product that is inexpensive and easy to find. Stay on top of cleaning your headlights to stay safe on the road as weather can be unpredictable.

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